There’s Someone at the Door

There’s Someone at the Door

Placing my knitting in the basket, I headed for bed. I looked at the clock. Good, I could read for an hour and still get to sleep at a respectable hour. The book I was reading had got to a place where it was difficult to leave. Maybe I could even finish it this evening, I thought.

But, even as I was thinking these thoughts, another quiet voice was quietly speaking. The words of Jesus when talking to his disciples came into my mind and slowly made their way to my heart. I couldn’t remember the exact words, but God was saying, ‘Come away with me to a quiet place…’

I’d always been led to understand Revelation 3:20 to be for unbelievers and it had been refreshing and enlightening to realise it’s directed at us, the Church; God’s children.

Perhaps in the context of our current thinking of sharing our table with others, we also need to realise that our Lord Jesus Christ is constantly waiting for us to sit at the table with him; to allow him into the over-crowded space of our lives, our hearts, our minds and  to realise he’s also longing to share that meal with us.

But, he waits…