Yes, No or Wait

I’ve been thinking…

As I grabbed my keys and picked up my handbag to race out the door, I flipped over my daily calendar and the comment for the day was, ‘God always answers our prayer with a yes, no or wait a while’.

I thought, ‘Mmmm I don’t think I’ve heard those words when I’ve prayed!’

Although I know what they mean by that expression, throughout the day a question kept going through my mind… How do I know God answers my prayers when I have so many years of prayers, or requests, unanswered?

As I pondered this, I thought about the times I’ve cried to God, pleaded with him and come away from those times with a sense of peace, a knowing of his presence, a promise from His Word, maybe the words, ‘Trust me’ or even the challenge, ‘Why won’t you trust me?’. Even in dark times, his promise, his assurance finally gets through to me.

A few mornings later, while spending time with God, it hit me! I know he’s answering me because he’s ministering to my heart by his Spirit.

So whether it’s yes, no or wait, God is longing for us to draw near to him with our cries and our requests and he is waiting to bless us…to minister to us through his Spirit and to teach us more about himself.        Yes! I know God answers my prayers and will continue to work his purpose long after I’ve gone!

Real Love