I’m Missing the Very Thing

I’m Missing the Very Thing

I woke this morning and felt as if a flicker of a light had come on. Yes, the same old question keeps lurking in the background… why doesn’t God answer my prayer? He does, I know because he says he will. Then, what’s wrong?

The verse that had come into my mind this morning was, “Call on me and I will answer…” Oh, I knew this verse so well! I knew its reference; I could say it ‘off pat’ but, without realising, I’d done my own little translation. It sounded a little bit like this: Call on me and I will answer you and give you what you’re asking for!

I cry out to God in my times of need and time and time again he has faithfully revealed himself to me in so many new and amazing ways. But still this question hangs there. However, this morning I’m looking at this verse as if it’s the first time I’ve read it!

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know!”

I sit here at my journal, aware of the Holy Spirit searching my heart digging deep into my soul. God has things he wants me to know… new truths he wants to reveal to little old insignificant me!

Have I been requesting healing, pain removed, problems solved, bills paid, loved ones saved so loudly that I’m missing the very thing God is seeking to reveal to me?

Will there ever be that moment where the circumstances and the struggle cease to be the focus; where I cease to be the focus and I lose myself in Christ and desire only to know him?

Oh, Lord, my God, I’m yours; bring me to that place where I desire nothing but to wait on you; to be still and let you tell me those great and unsearchable things you want me to know.

I fall on my knees broken, totally undone and cry out, Lord Jesus, not my will but yours!