Pastors Ponderings

This week’s blurb comes from Mrs Jesus follower. She says exactly what the Spirit has been saying to me this week.

Blessed to Bless Others

I had read through Ephesians as Paul intended…straight through as I would a letter. I was truly blessed in a whole new way! So, with a surge of enthusiasm, I decided to study it in depth but didn’t get past the first few verses!

What amazing truths are tucked away in those first few verses but it was the ‘blessings bit’ that had grabbed my attention. We ask God to bless us…that’s ok but in actual truth…he has! God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus. What an awesome truth! But do I know this…really know it in my everyday life…really live it? And…what am I doing with these blessings?

At the same time as these questions were tumbling round my brain, God had challenged me about blessing others. We’re told to bless our enemies so how much more should we bless our brothers and sisters or people who offend or upset us! How was I to put that into practice? I’d never know if I didn’t start…and so I began.

It felt strange at first, blessing people who annoyed me. It felt awkward…it felt unfair. I’d much rather tell God about the hurtful way I’d been treated!

However, I was determined to try this so, when I was hurt or struggled to relate to someone, I stopped and prayed for them. I blessed them and asked God to shower them with his love and compassion.

I’d never prayed like this before but it’s truly amazing how this has changed me. I still struggle and there are many times when all sorts of thoughts run through my mind before I can pray that prayer. However, I have to say, it’s been exciting to see what God is doing in my life for I’m seeing others from a new perspective and, as I am blessing others, so God is blessing me!

As I understand more of all the blessings I have in Christ, the more I can pour them out to others! Amazing? Well, that’s our God, isn’t it!