Pastors Ponderings

This word from the Lord was delivered to CBBC via our own very lovely Phil. Please pray over this word and feedback to us what especially spoke to you.

“Listen! Listen! Listen! To what my Holy Spirit has been saying in my Church. This is all I desire, I want your will. And for you to repent of your pride. I will not force anyone; I want you to do this willingly. Humble yourself, remove your pride and come to me, for pride has become your shield, a wall of separation. You know my mercy, I will forgive, only show me your repentance and come walk through the refining fire I have put before you. I have risen up new people, new ministries, I have done this for you. I said a year ago that this is what I will do! And I have done it! Even those I chose as my instruments in these new ministries, I raised up, not those that anyone expected. And now I give you comfort and courage and strength. All those in this ministry of freedom and healing have passed through this refining fire, some two, some three, and some four times. Even you must see the growth in them. Look, see, sk! They bear witness to you of wounds healed, of walls broken down, of freedom from guilt, shame, wounded heavy spirits, and unforgiveness, of shackles and chains broken. Oh, you all are My heart’s desire, every heart I know and love beyond measure. I call! You respond by My Spirit; I heal. I said that I have lit a fire in this church; it shall spread out from this house, into other houses, and into the community, where I will stretch my hand and save those who are lost and without hope, as you respond to my call. A shaking, an awakening, a restoring of the truth. I, yes I, have given these days a name, FREEDOM AND HOLINESS TO THE LORD. OH! How I love you day and night—My heart cry’s out to you My children, “come to Me,” I shout! Make a divine appointment with Me, the Lord your God. Remove your pride and be humble and come to Me, the Lord of Mercy and Grace is My name. I will never hurt you; only lift you up gently, lovingly, compassionately. Walk through the refining fire of My glory; I consume with fire and what is consumed is no more. I told you this is where I will start—everyone needs to be refined and polished. You shall be known to your children as, “THE CHILDREN OF FREEDOM AND HOLINESS TO THE LORD” and this shall be written on a crown which I shall give you to wear forever. This you shall wear before Me in My presence in heaven, what I have said I have said… I AM JEHOVAH, THE GOD WITHOUT LIMITS, I AM, BECAUSE I AM.”