Radical Thinking

To love or to condemn?

How do I respond to those living a lifestyle that makes me uncomfortable? How do they see me? What attitudes am I conveying to them?

Praise God for leaders with the courage to speak up and put these challenges out there for us to face. Praise God for those who continually make us think, read, pray, search your Word and ponder the questions from which we’d like to run!

I’m scared, I’m uncomfortable and yet I’m excited and not wanting to be comfortable.

I want to run, yet I’m waiting to embrace.

I don’t want to think about it and yet I know it’s something that has been there…being pushed into the background of my thinking for a long time.

But who are we to shun these people that Christ loves and died for?

It’s radical thinking, I say…but Jesus lived a radical life amongst his own people…his thoughts and his teachings were constantly confronting the beliefs of the Jewish leaders.

I have so many questions and concerns and yet I’d have even more if we turned our back, buried our heads and went on our comfortable journey…

We haven’t got the answers…and won’t always ‘get it right’ but we’ll continue to seek God’s truth and allow God to work his purpose in and through us so that we can learn to love as Jesus loved.