unity in diversity

Many years ago I worked in a Christian community where we all came from very different backgrounds…different churches…different types of worship…very different doctrines but this didn’t matter…wasn’t an issue. Why?

Our leader was diligent in Bible Study; he focused on the Word of God and we all functioned as one. To me, this was unique and, as I moved on in my journey, I looked back on that time as a rare treasure. I guess it wasn’t a formalised thought but I’d really not expected to come across that again.

This morning as I sat in our Business Meeting I suddenly realised that this very truth…this same focus has brought us to this point at CBBC. Yes, Praise God! When did this happen? How did this happen!!!

A focus on our Lord Jesus Christ and the truth and power of his Word…that’s how it happened! Yes! There truly can be unity in diversity! Praise God for John 17! Praise God that Jesus has already prayed and is still interceding for us that satan’s power of division can be broken and we can know a oneness in Him.

It doesn’t need to divide and split but, instead, it can show the victory and power of the cross. Oh that others will see this too and be drawn to the cross!